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Kellie Mendes, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist 

How I Started  

My passion for nutrition started with practicing preventative health. I eagerly looked for holistic ways to improve my family’s health conditions such as Hashimoto’s and Alzheimer’s Disease. Coming from a big family who spent every night together at the dinner table, food was the first way to influence positive changes. Once I saw the changes made in my family’s health through food, I wanted to share my passion of nutrition with other individuals and their loved ones. 


My Experience 

My Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition & Food Science is from Montclair State University and I completed my dietetic internship with Priority Nutrition Care Distance Dietetic Internship. Currently, I am continuing my education with the Institute of Functional Medicine. I have experience in gastrointestinal health, neurological health, endocrine and hormone health specifically fertility and pcos and preventative and medical conditions for nutrition for  women. 

Kellie Mendes, Registered Dietitian educating on PCOS recipes
Kellie Mendes Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Work With Me 

Through my experiences, I quickly learned that nutrition and gut health lays the foundation of optimal wellness. I entered the functional medicine space while diving deep into my own health and working with other practitioners. Identifying the root causes of these diseases rather than stopping at the common explanation, “It runs in the family” made more sense to me as a health practitioner. With that understanding, I also became well versed in how our western food system and stressful lifestyles play a significant role in our health.


Being an integrative registered dietitian who uses functional medicine approaches to find a solution for each individual is what I bring to this practice. I help individuals incorporate whole food nutrition into their diets and establish new skills such as nutritious cooking, mindful practices, exercise, and sustainable nutrition practices. When working together, my end goal for you is to not only feel healthier but to thrive in life and happily eat delicious food everyday! 


About Me

On my off days, you can find me in the kitchen creating new dishes (especially desserts), staying active outside from snow to beach days and enjoying time with friends and family at my favorite local restaurants. 

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