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Navigating "Diet Talk" At The Table

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Organization: Erin Falco RDN, Inc.

Author: Veronica Rechten

Publish Date: 11/10/22


Fall begins the holiday seasons of family, friends and food! For some, this is a great time of enjoyment and togetherness…for others, it’s a time of navigating talk of diet, exercise, and food guilt.

When we’re listening to our bodies, eating intuitively, and remembering that holiday food is part of the fun, it can be important to set boundaries, and have responses ready for the negative food talk you might encounter. This might include

re-direction, slight push-back, or even a little education.

These responses can work with friends and family, or even in a work-place environment. Here are some ideas:

Negative Talk

Positive Response

"This is so bad for us, we shouldn't be eating this"

"Food is not good or bad. It doesn’t make us good or bad! It’s great that we can enjoy something so tasty."

​“Are you supposed to be having that? Don’t you think you should eat something else?” or

“You can just eat _____ this one time, it won’t kill you”

I’m on my own health journey right now and doing what feels right for me.

“I’m going to have to go to the gym tomorrow to work all this off.”

“I like to think of all food as fuel so I can move my body joyfully!”

“You’re so good for having that salad! I have no self control.” CONVERSELY “I could never eat that dessert you’re eating! You’re lucky!”

“This is what my body was craving right now, and I trust it to tell me what it needs.”

"You look great! Have you lost weight?"

"I've been listening to my body and I'm feeling great, thanks! How is your job/family/hobby/etc."

"I was good all day so I can have this."

I find that making sure I fuel my body all day makes this meal even more enjoyable because I'm not tired and 'hangry' at dinner."

"Ugh, I start my diet on Monday!" (or any talk of diets).

"I've been working on listening to my body lately, and it's given me so much food freedom! Let me know if you ever want to talk about it."

"Ugh, I feel gross! I shouldn't have eaten all that!"

"I feel full and satisfied. The food was so tasty! I enjoyed every bite!"


We hope this was helpful in giving you some response ideas for "diet talk." Don't forget to try to mindfully enjoy the holidays and all of the fun, and food that comes with them! If you need more nutritional support, visit us at for more posts and webinars, or contact us for a discovery call to become a patient.

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