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Traveling Soon? Avoid Constipation & Nausea With These Tips.

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Erin & Kellie were joined by Lauren Gehringer, the author of “From Chewing to Pooing” on their most recent Instagram LIVE. The team discussed their top recommended ways to avoid constipation and motion sickness when traveling. Especially for our kiddos!

So often this happens because our environment and foods consumed change when traveling. This is disruptive to our digestive and nervous systems. Watch the LIVE here to learn more on this topic & what to do to prevent constipation / nausea on your next family trip!

Here are 3 big takeaways from our LIVE:

1. Hydration! Dehydration is a big cause of constipation. Hydrating with enough water & electrolytes, helps the intestines create a bowel movement. Erin recommended Pedialyte clear for kiddos as an additional source of hydrating electrolytes vs water alone. For adults, you can try adding NUUN or LMNT electrolytes to water as well.

2. Space out your meals & snacks by 3-4 hours to allow your digestive system to rest & digest. The timing in between meals stimulates the migrating motor complex (MMC) which is the “sweeping” of your intestines - this passes food & fiber along down to the colon where waste is then created into a bowel movement. Without rest in between meals, bacteria can create gas from leftover food residue in the intestines.

3. Balance your meals / snacks. Having a source of carbohydrates, protein and fats at each of your meals / snacks will keep you satiated. Without balance, snacks / meals often lead to less fiber, irregular cravings / hunger and increased snacking. An example of a balanced snack is a cheese stick with an apple. The cheese stick is a source of protein / fat and the apple is a source of a fiber rich carbohydrate.

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