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  • What is Nutritional Counseling?
    It is NOT a lecture about what you should or shouldn't be doing. Rather, we take the time to listen to what health means to you, understand where you are at in terms of your diet and lifestyle, and work with you closely to help you achieve your goals.
  • What are the Populations You Work With?
    We work with all populations, varying from prenatal to geriatrics. Nutrition is important in every stage of the life cycle. Whether looking to start a preventive care approach or manage existing health conditions, all ages can benefit from nutrition counseling.
  • Which autoimmune conditions do you work with?
    Autoimmune Celiac Disease Crohn’s Hashiomoto’s thyroiditis Lyme Disease Diabetes Rheumatoid Arthritis Multiple Sclerosis Lupus PANS/PANDAS
  • Which Neurological Conditions Do You Work With?
    Brain Health : ADHD / Hyperactivity Dementia Parkinson’s Disease PANS/PANDAS Migraines Eating Disorders including Avoidant Restrictive food Intake Disorder, selective eating
  • Which chronic conditions do you work with?
    ADHD/AUTISM Depression/anxiety Infertility PANS/PANDAS Obesity All digestive disorders- Celiac, Crohns, Diverticulosis, IBS, candida Hypertension (High blood pressure) Hyperlipidemia (High Cholesterol) Diabetes Hypoglycemia / Hyperglycemia Cirrhosis / Liver Disease PCOS
  • What types of testing do you offer? What is the cost?
    Our most popular tests including interpretation are: -Food Allergy/sensitivity testing- Ranges from $450-$900 depending on tests ordered -Stool testing- $570 -Organic Acid testing (mitochondria, gut health, maconutrient metabolism, B vitamin status and more )- $520 -Micronutrient panel- $508.99 -Comprehensive ADHD/mental health testing- $707.99 -Comprehensive Cardiovascular health panel- $410.99 Please see the testing tab to learn more.
  • What is Nutritional Psychiatry?
    Nutritional psychiatry is the use of nutrition and supplements to optimize brain health and to treat and prevent mental health symptoms, discomfort and disorders. Using a functional Medicine approach- means digging deeper into the root of abnormal thoughts, behaviors and emotions. Taking a personalized approach to the whole person is what Erin Falco, RD does best- this means looking at- genetics, brain chemical imbalances, infections/ viruses, metabolic abnormalities, immune challenges, environmental toxins, nutrient deficiencies and psychological stressors/ trauma. This approach is for you or your child if: -you/your child has unexplained mental health challenges that have not been helped with the therapy and/or a medication approach- symptoms of depression, staring spells, anger/rage, irritability, difficulty relaxing, hyperactivity, insomnia, gastrointestinal disturbances -are looking to get answers specific to you/your child's specific needs rather treating the symptoms alone and trialing different medications to see "what works" -are ready to look at food as a form of medicine rather than a "diet approach" based on trends in society- this way we are figuring out foods/nutrients your body needs more of and foods needing to eliminate if inflammatory for your specific needs. -are being dismissed by other providers and family members/friends with how you and/or your child feels ***YOU/YOUR CHILD ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO LIVES IN YOUR BODY AND KNOWS HOW YOU FEEL. We never dismiss ANYTHING you are concerned about
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