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Nutrition Counseling for Eating Disorders Expectations/Commitment

We are committed to helping you develop a healthy relationship with food while finding solutions together to meet your nutritional needs.  We understand self care can be challenging. A commitment to your care must be mutual as it is essential to your treatment. 


Please review the following guidelines/what you can expect in our work together.

This can help you determine if we are the right fit for you.



  • Weekly sessions with your practitioner for the first 8 weeks: we suggest you choose a specific day and time that works for you 

  • You must be under the care of a Physician AND a therapist- we can provide referrals if needed

  • Abide by our cancellation policy: if unable to attend a session due to medical reasons, a doctor’s note is required. We have a strict 72 hr cancellation policy- You will be charged the full appointment fee if you miss your appointment. This does NOT get billed to insurance

  • Blood work from your Doctor is Required, an EKG may also be needed: frequency of blood work and specific labs will be discussed at your first visit

  • If under the age of 18, a parent is required to be present at the FIRST session

  • Newly diagnosed patients are required to be seen in-person for all sessions, some exceptions may apply

  • Eating in every session- This experience increases exposure to eating socially, trying new foods and fear foods

  • Cooking/prep- Patients will learn how to increase confidence/skills to prepare, cook and clean 


  • Vitals will be taken:  blood pressure, blood sugar and oral exam

  • Blind weigh-in on IN-body machine

  • Assessment of past medical history, medication/supplement use, bowel movements, food and fluid intake, eating behaviors/social history, labs

  • Review of where you are in terms of your treatment journey

  • Discussion of nutritional goals and plan for treatment moving forward 

Initial Appointment

  • Review of goals 

  • Vitals and Weigh in

  • Discussion of challenges/accomplishments

  • Challenging fear foods

  • In-session eating: you can either bring a meal/ snack from home or ingredients to prepare/cook in session.  Appropriate in-session meal and snack options will be determined by you and your practitioner, if a snack/meal brought in from home does not meet criteria, you will be provided a meal, meal replacement shake or snack- $8-$10 fee

  • Cooking/food prep exposure: a component of your treatment process in decreasing negative associations with food and increasing confidence around food prep

  • Family collaboration sessions

  • Exchange system worksheets: required to be filled out and brought to each session for and review by your practitioner  (this will be taught at the 2nd or 3rd session)- Not every patient will be using this system

  • Ongoing collaboration with your practitioner and interdisciplinary team (therapist, MD, ect) required between sessions

Follow Up

NOTE: At any time in your treatment, it may be necessary to refer you to a higher level of care
if deemed appropriate by your team (RD, MD and therapist).

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